I’m just asking the world to get deep

Have you ever had that feeling of dread come over you when you meet someone new or you’re at the water cooler at your office and you know what comes next as someone approaches you…”Isn’t the weather amazing?” or “did you hear about the economy?” 

I don’t like wasting my time talking about things that aren’t important. I don’t like wasting my time with people that can’t ask important questions or have a worthwhile conversation. I know for some this demeanor is offputting and I can be seen as a dick or an asshole. I’m OK with that what I’m not OK with is that people are afraid of digging deeper. Some people spend their whole lives chasing after the validation from other people that they don’t even really like. To me that’s a lot of quality time wasted.

I don’t like feeling like I was the number to a company, so I left. I get sad when I’m used as a moneymaking machine and my passion and creativity is left to suffer or go unused.

I don’t tell people how to live their lives, I give people an option of how things can be viewed differently. Yeah, I’m opinionated. I have been ever since I could remember. I don’t know if my voice makes a difference, but what I do know is the only way to make a difference is using your voice or your platform.

“I wish they would’ve known..”

One phrase that has always bugged me has been, “I wish they would’ve known”. i’ve heard this phrase a lot at funerals. When I was younger and never set well with me. My thinking was why didn’t they know?

Why doesn’t someone know how you feel? Why can’t you tell your boss that you deserve more? Why do we find it so easy to never say the things that really matter?

A lot of this comes from not being comfortable with the uncomfortable that is our emotions. We tend to be afraid to show vulnerability. Part of that is because of bad experiences of showing vulnerability and taking risks. We have to take those risks or we can never grow as individuals. We can never help the future evolve by staying the same.

I love asking people deep questions. Questions like who is your biggest influence? 

What is the one thing you’ve always wanted to do with your life but you’re too afraid to?

Why is that person the most important person in your life or your best friend?

What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever endured?

I’ve created more connections by risking judgment, criticism and more importantly daring to be myself, rather than what is popular at the time.

I’ve failed mercifully at relationships, jobs, dating, sports etc. Those failures help shape who I am now. 

I don’t want people to get the perception that I’m telling them how to live their lives, I’m not. I want people to be the best version of themselves when all is said and done. I want them to relieve their fears to be at peace with their mistakes and failures. Without these failures and struggles what is our success anyways?

We have to get deep


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