The tale of two dogs

There is a story that has been told for many years. It is a story about two dogs who enter a room upon leaving the room the two dogs have two different attitudes. A man walking by notices the two dogs any notices how different each of the dogs attitudes.
The man watches the dogs go back into the room. The first dog comes out wagging its tail and is very excited. The second dog comes out of the room moments later and he is upset and growling. 

The man is perplexed by this, so he decides to go into the room. Upon going into the room he notices that there are 1000 mirrors in this room. So as you can see the first dog upon entering the room is greeted by a thousand happy and excited dogs looking back at him. The second dog upon entering the room is greeted by a thousand upset and growling dogs looking back at him.
What we see in our world is a reflection of who we are. If you believe that your job sucks, then it sucks. If you believe that the new person you’ve started dating it’s going to be like all of the other people that you’ve dated, then you’re right. We have a tendency to sabotage our ability to be happy because we train ourselves, as well as the media does, to see the negative things in our lives.

Not every new job starting out is going to be great. Not every new relationship goals without its own speed bumps along the way. However, what we can control is OUR outlook on those things. We cannot control what other people think, feel, or believe. However, we can maintain or obtain a healthy outlook through our own eyes.

It’s merely a choice to either be the happy dog wagging its tail or the upset and growling dog each day. Don’t get me wrong, life is not easy and I myself have ups and downs. Despite those downs, I’ve learned that there is a greater purpose and displaying a good attitude that will help others through encouragement that things will work out.


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