When we talk about about giving the first thing that usually comes to our minds is Thanksgiving. That time of year where we talk about what we are thankful, even promoting our gratitude on social media platforms. The latter should be something that is done daily or weekly. It shouldn’t be used to promote just a holiday.

If you’re not giving, you’re not living. To give is defined as freely transfer the possession of  something to someone. 

Giving just isn’t money or gifts. It is encouragement, time, courtesy, compliments and the list goes on. When you are giving of yourself and your knowledge, you can make a big impact in another person’s life.


Small actions are rewarding

When we were younger we were taught to treat others how we want to be treated, right?  Giving to others, gives to you. You may not receive something from that person, but the ability to be selfless will lead to an increase in your mood, provided it is done without expecting something in return. That’s not giving, it’s manipulation. Guys and girls doing things in their relationship to get something in return isn’t loving, it’s manipulation.

Think of it this way, if you go out with the opposite sex and you have a motive for your actions, you’re not fully giving to the experience. You’re doing what you want to get what you want. While you may think that holding the door open, complimenting and such is giving, it only is when that is WHO YOU ARE, not WHAT YOU WANT . Subconsciously people, especially women can sniff out this tactic with the greatest of ease. Fellas, girls are super smart! They’re also super loving when you can give love without the expectation of making love.

What was the last thing you did without wondering what you were going to get out of the transaction?

Einstein said, ” We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” In regards to giving, it is to love, not to receive. The act of giving to others is what strengthens our bonds with our careers, families, friends and significant others.

People need more love, you need love, I need love; we all need to give/love more each day, Give a stranger a compliment, volunteer at a retirement home one weekend, go to a grocery store and put the carts back in the racks or write a loved one a personal note. Ask people that do these how happy they are.

When I first started writing again two years ago, my perspective was to get a whole bunch of likes, acclaim, money and everything else in between. That is pretty arrogant and selfish, more importantly, not who I am. To be successful, we must be self aware, especially regarding our actions. Now, what I write about is an opportunity to see things in a new way, not my way. You could say that it is giving to others.

Are you giving love, time, encouragement or are you taking/wasting love, time or encouragement from others?


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