Why You Pro……….crastinate


Your teacher gives you the assignment. It is September 1st, the day is filled with opportunities and your wants. The assignment is due September 15th. You think, “Great, I have two weeks to get this done. Now I have two weeks to do what I want”.

We all know the drill. You spend the first week thinking about the assignment and where to start, but things get in the way. Your friends invite you out to the bar on Friday. After a great night of fun you wake up with a hangover from hell! So you don’t do anything all day Saturday. Sunday comes and other “things” get in the way. The continues for the next week. All of these “things” get in the way. It is so convenient that stuff just keeps getting in your way, right?

You accomplished so many great “things” in the past two weeks and now it is the night before the assignment is due! What happened?

The best, the Jordan’s, the Ali’s and the Gates’ look at struggle and procrastination differently.

Procrastination isn’t real

Humans are remarkable creatures. You see a cat can be nothing more than a cat. A bridge can be nothing more than a bridge. A flower can be nothing more than a flower. A human being though? My God! A human being CAN BE ANYTHING that they set their mind too! All humans have wants, but we all don’t get our wants. We get what WE HAVE TO HAVE!

If I told today that I’d meet you at Starbucks tomorrow at 7am and I’d give you three million dollars! What would you response be? You’d probably show up at 6:59am. Ready to get that money! You see, procrastination isn’t real. It is an excuse. It is not important or urgent for you to have, Think about that when you put assignments off, when you put people off, you ghost or flake on dates and when you slack at your job.

Procrastion is essentially a reflection of things that are not of importance to you! Until you can find out how to make things purposeful or a way(s) to make them stick, then those things aren’t important.

Victory is a product of the fight

We aren’t entitled to results just because we live in the greatest country in the world. MLK Jr’s dream wasn’t given. It took people believing in the message and fighting for what was viewed as change for a better future! Ali was asked how many sit ups he did a day. He responded that he didn’t count until they began to hurt. Hurting and getting knocked down is not a determent, it is a blessing.

The best, the Jordan’s, the Ali’s and the Gates’ look at struggle and procrastination differently. It is seen as an opportunity. They knew that continuing to fight would lead them to better things. They didn’t take the easy path.

If you do what is easy, complaining about your problems, your relationships or dating life even giving up on your dreams; life will always be hard.

Once you can no longer tolerant something, then that is the moment that your life will change.

So, is it time to procrastinate and avoid your future or time to anticipate your success?



3 thoughts on “Why You Pro……….crastinate

  1. Great read, it really made me think about procrastination and It’s role in my life. It’s funny because in some instances I feel like the adrenaline/panic from procrastination helps me think clearer. So is it really procrastination or just my way getting things done the way I know I can get them done best.


    1. Thanks, it is possible that the procrastination helps you think clearer. It could possibly be you realize what you truly want in that moment. Like working on an assignment. Realizing that you don’t want to fail at the assignment, you start focusing on how not to fail. The value being that you don’t want to fail.

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