Why is it so hard to do the little things that will improve our life?

The one thing we have in this world…

Staying with someone who treats you like garbage…….is a decision.

Staying at your job that you hate….is a decision.

Telling yourself that IT CAN’T or IT WON’T HAPPEN….is a decision.

Feeling as though you’ll never be loved….is a decision.

Living in the body that you despise or hate….is a decision.

Using past relationships as an excuse not to pursue a new one….is a decision.

Chasing people that won’t give you the time of day….is a decision.

Our brains are unique. They protect us from ANYTHING¬†that can hurt us, this includes the example above and MUCH MORE. We’re not designed to do things that are terrifying and uncomfortable. Our brains jump in and protect us from those DECISIONS. So what is the answer?


Discipline is the answer

Many people, if not all people, have GREAT IDEAS and DREAMS. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford, all had incredible ideas. They also had one thing that others can do, but chose not to use, which is discipline. The smartest people are not always the most successful. Henry Ford is known for having a sub par education, as did so many others. JK Rowling had so many battles and setbacks, but she became a disciplined writer.

Did you know that Walt Disney started his career by writing comics. Everywhere he took his comics/cartoons he was turned down. It wasn’t until he was living in an attic above a church that he got his break. His roommate? Was a little mouse.

The things that are difficult and scary set up the problems that WE ALL face or that have become issues for us over the years. The discipline of choosing what to focus on, what things mean and what we can do about them, because everything else is out of our control. Decisions are within our control.


Take action everyday

Indecision is known as the thief of opportunity. The people who procrastinate less and make fewer excuses are the ones that achieve success. It takes actions everyday toward the goals that you want to accomplish. Remember when I said earlier that our brains work against us? It is true. Think about it. You have about a five second window when you decide you should do something. If you wait too long or overthink. Our brains will kick in and fight things that go against what we’ve always known.

Remember that time that you skipped the gym and you said, “I’ll go tomorrow”? That was your brain fighting you. What about the time you met this great guy or girl and thought, “Oh they’re going to hurt me just like before.” So you didn’t go out with them or you ignored them, hoping they’d go away? That was your brain “protecting” you!

If you want ANYTHING in this life, YOU MUST DO THINGS THAT ARE UNCOMFORTABLE OR HARD! We think that we will have all of this time, right?

We have the same amount of time in each day. 24 hours. Black, white, Asian, German, male or female all have the same amount of time in a day. Our lives are exactly what we think they should be. You are what you thought you should be right at this moment. If you don’t like it, then YOU MUST DO SOMETHING about it. If you don’t like who you are, you must CHANGE WHAT YOU THINK you should be!

What WE THINK is more important than what we do.

Be comfortable with the uncomfortable

What makes us comfortable can ruin us. What is most uncomfortable to us is how we grow. If you’ve always gotten the same results by making the same comfortable decisions, then do the opposite! If not, then you can’t complain about what you have or you don’t have. One thing you will always have with a comfortable decision is an uncomfortable excuse. Because you WANT MORE, YOU MUST TAKE OWNERSHIP!

We must take ownership of the good and the bad in our world.

Take OWNERSHIP of your ego!

Take OWNERSHIP of your excuses!

Take OWNERSHIP of your mistakes!

Take OWNERSHIP of your shortfalls!

Take OWNERSHIP of your problems!

Don’t blame anything or another person. Take OWNERSHIP of the of THE SOLUTIONS that will solve those problems!

Decide, plan, and begin to getting started! Turn those plans into actions! Discipline will help you get those things done. YOU WON’T feel good everyday. I don’t, but I carry myself in a manner that I do. There are days you will hate eating the right things or doing the tasks you don’t necessarily want to do, but that you must do.

When we realize HOW MUCH GARBAGE AND BULLSHIT that we’ve put into our heads, we will thrive at making a smart decision within five seconds. Making the smart decisions a habit create the discipline that is needed for us to accomplish our goals.

You can’t stop a day or a minute, BUT YOU CAN CONTROL HOW IT WILL BE USED.It won’t be easy and it won’t be comfortable, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT.




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